Given the Most Powerful Tools on the Planet- Athletes Can Program Their Minds to
Super Confidence Levels!
Understanding Why Athletes Struggle with Confidence is the Key to Unlocking the Door to the Mind and Taking Control!

Most athletes who struggle with confidence believe that they are the only ones that are having bouts with bad luck. When they understand that over 95% of all athletes have the same struggles, it becomes easier to want to learn how to become confident!
Confidence Coach, Mike “Hubie Magic” Huber has Researched the Psyche of Sports Legends and Super Stars … to Come to This Amazing Conclusion!

The Difference Between Athletes With Confidence and Athletes Who Lack Confidence is These Three Simple Abilities.
1. You must trick your mind into believing you can do anything you want
2. You must erase all memory of things that you fear or don’t want.
3.You must train yourself to quickly overcome adversity!
Peyton Manning
Lisa Fernandez
These techniques work in any sport or any facet of life …


“The Confidence Training Program has helped me get my confidence up by using certain tools such as affirmations, breathing, visualizing, and flame work techniques. This helped my point per game average go from 2 pts a game to 10-15 pts a game. These tools helped pump me up and I became more active in the games. I believe that these classes will help anyone achieve their goals." - Jordan age 14
The top 10 issues athletes have with Confidence

Hubie teaches 10 different classes on the 10 confidence issues that often block athletes from excelling. He offers confidence building classes to individuals, groups, schools, and athletic organizations. Hubie is often hired to speak to schools and athletic organizations and has online classes to help you understand the steps to solving issues with confidence. His confidence classes, taught to teams in any sport, shows them how to think like champions.

Hubie’s Confidence classes help athletes understand the many different problems they may have or will possibly encounter in the future. THE ULTIMATE BOOK ON CONFIDENCE AND MENTAL TOUGHNESS contains all the information for all ten of the classes. Learn more about the classes at:  Confidence Classes  &  Pricing

You can talk to Hubie personally by calling his Hotline at: 847-312-1061
When buying for teams, students or groups, Call 1-847-312-1061 for special bulk pricing.
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